Syncing Google Forms open letter signatories to a Google Docs document

a year ago •

I’ve contributed to open letter campaigns enough times that I finally looked into automating the transfer of signatories from the sheet that backs a Google Forms form to a Google Docs document. The thought of people continually transferring new signatories every time they came in was saddening, it’s

Apple Watch activity challenges are controlling me

2 years ago •

I’ve been playing self-defeating games for years with the software progeny of the mysterious figures who work on the Apple Watch activity challenge. Since the monthly challenge regime began in October 2017, I’ve only twice failed to obtain the hideous digital trinket: * February 2018 * July 2018 7km a

Officer 1849 neglects to properly return my license and blames me

16 years ago • 1849

I originally posted this on June 25, 2008. Images are not contemporaneous and I’ve made small edits. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steps I undertook to get my license back after officer 1849 failed to return it to me at the Friday, June 13 World Naked Bike Ride [

Critical Mass, one year later (2007)

17 years ago • Critical Mass

I wrote this in May 2007, a year after the May 2006 police riots where they unleashed violence on Critical Mass participants, which led to the formation of Bike to the Future (now Bike Winnipeg), Winnipeg’s first dedicated bike lane, and Winnipeg Copwatch, among other things. I meant to

Critical meeting

18 years ago •

A reproduction Marlo Campbell’s article from Uptown Magazine (RIP) after the police riot at Winnipeg’s May 26, 2006 Critical Mass